Our mission is to help YOU live a healthier, happier, athletic lifestyle.

We provide elite content, leadership opportunities, and athletic events.



FANFIT began in 2014, with a dream to unite communities with challenging fitness opportunities and inspiring athletes. Fast forward several years and today FANFIT develops elite content, runs exciting athletic and leadership events, and supports mental and physical training with online programming. If you want to feel better and are interested in fitness, mindset and nutrition, then we've got you covered. 




"The FANFIT Challenge was an amazing experience for myself and my team, Huskies Move for Inclusion. It's was my first FANFIT event and something I plan on doing next year! It's great to see members of the community coming out to participate and cheer on one another." 

- Hannah Stienburg


"One of my most positive aspects of this event (and there are many), is the inclusiveness. Men, women, youth adults, teams, families, champions and everyday people who cringe at the beep test like I do are united through the spirit of sport!"

- Debbie King


“I have participated in the FANFIT Challenge since it started and it continues to be a fun event and a great way to meet and talk with local and national athletes. I enjoy the fact that it is an all ages event and that the challenges are attainable for everyone, even myself as an ‘older’ participant..."

- Gary Wilson