FANFIT Challenge Open Registration

Registration is officially open for the RBC FANFIT Challenge, coming to select university campuses across Canada, including McMaster University on January 28th, 2017, Saint Mary’s University on March 11th, 2017 and Simon Fraser University on April 1st, 2017!!! Register here.

Have you ever wanted to compete alongside an Olympic athlete or an aspiring Olympian on a great workout? Now you can with the RBC FANFIT Challenge. This is essentially your “Team Canada” tryout in a day… and it’s a ton of fun!

The RBC FANFIT Challenge is a unique opportunity to challenge yourself and compete alongside top level Canadian athletes in a multi-exercise fitness challenge. FANFIT is designed to test your overall fitness level; power, speed, agility, strength, core stability, and endurance. The athletes that compete, coach, and encourage you at FANFIT include world champions, Olympians, and even Olympic medalists! Some of our alumni include Tamara Tatham, Jayna Hefford, Sarah Conrad, Custio Clayton, Martin Reader, Katie Tsuyuki, Ben Russell, Mark de Jonge, and Nicole Forrester. These athletes all have one thing in common, they represent the highest level of amateur sport.

"The FANFIT Challenge is a great way to get fans engaged with their National Team athletes. It's not only a unique opportunity to meet and compete with some of the best athletes in the world, but it's also a perfect example of how even the smallest contribution can make a huge difference to an athlete's career. The FANfit Challenge is a once in a lifetime chance to be a part of an athlete's Olympic journey." -Thomas Hall, C-1 1000m, Olympic Bronze medalist, Beijing 2008

All registered participants of an RBC FANFIT Challenge event compete on official Olympic fitness tests, but don’t be intimidated - these tests allow you to work within your limits. Our mission is to have as many Canadians as possible experience FANFIT, and embrace this great challenge! Just understand if you want to try and beat an Olympian, it’s not going to be easy! 

Participants will also have a chance to give back and champion our athletes through donations to the Canadian Olympic Foundation (COF). With the generous support of RBC, in 2017, registration at FANFIT is by donation (the amount to be chosen at the discretion of the participant), and all donations are 100% tax receipt-able. 

Key Details (

RBC FANFIT Hamilton (McMaster) January 28, 2017 - Register here

RBC FANFIT Halifax (Saint Mary’s) March 11, 2017 - Register here

RBC FANFIT Vancouver (Simon Fraser) April 1, 2017 - Register here