3 Habits of a Gold Medalist

3 Habits of a Gold Medalist

Here are 3 easy things that will really work for you. Seriously, if they were good enough for wrestling Olympic Champion Erica Wiebe, they pass the litmus test of acceptable advice. 

She Trains With Purpose...

Erica is all about maximizing each workout, being efficient with her movements, and explosive when it counts. Her routine in the weight room puts her in peak form to excel on the mat. Simply put, make your effort count.

Do: Try and workout with performance in mind, and a plan to observe great form and controlled movement. 

Don't: Attempt Olympic lifts without instruction, and proper understanding of the movement andform required. 

She Includes a Proper Cool Down...

Erica often attempts maximal exertion to test power and performance levels. This means building up tons of lactate, and feeling completely toasted following this type of mind blowing effort. After partaking on this type of super effort, she uses a bike to flush out her legs- helping to improve recovery time, reduce chance of injury, and improve the chances of better performances in future sessions. 

Do: Follow a proper warm-up and cool down plan, and understand how to listen to your body and support your training with proper recovery (including cool down).

Don't: Attempt a wingate performance test, unless you are REALLY REALLY sure about it. 

She Beams With Positivity...

Maybe it's just us, but Erica radiates the type of attitude you want to be around. Attitude is contagious, and it really can help spark both your own- and the energy of the people around you. 

Do: Try to be positive and embrace opportunities to feel at your best. 

Don't: Focus on the negative 10% that is typically omnipresent, there's a lot of good things and opportunities that await you!

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