'Things were just all taken from me'

By Jack Leahy

VIDEO: Ian McCormick on his recovery from bacterial meningitis, and his new perspective

What's it like to wake up feeling like a different person? 

For Ian McCormick, a resident of Dartmouth, N.S., and an elite junior canoe athlete, this idea became reality when he contracted bacterial meningitis. 

After an intense battle while sedated in the hospital, the 19-year-old awoke and found that everything had completely changed. In the immediate aftermath of the illness, his thoughts were different, and gone were the use of his limbs, head movement, and even something so simple as taking a drink of water was no longer possible.

The recovery process began in January, and over the next 10 months he continuously defied the expectations of the medical team. Ian shares his amazing journey back to life, his new perspective on sport and self, and why he now looks at everything with clearer focus and motivation. 

— Andrew Russell, founder FANFIT Challenge

PODCAST: Take a deeper dive into Ian McCormick's story by listening to our very first podcast.

Ian McCormick hanging out with his dog, Rosie. (Jack Leahy)

Ian McCormick hanging out with his dog, Rosie. (Jack Leahy)