How Will You Do in Q1?

Your 2018 First Quarter Awaits

– by Andrew Russell

A 12-week stretch can seem like such a short period of time. It is often the victim of the saying “wow time flies”.

However, 12 weeks can be an incredibly valuable window of opportunity to establish a new routine. You can take the first 3 months of 2018 to introduce and reinforce positive habits, and re-energize your lifestyle. The one obvious caveat is that change takes work, and chances are the larger 12 week period may come down to whether or not you find success in the first three weeks. 

Three weeks is commonly cited as a necessary timespan to establish routines.

You first need to come to peace with the “risk-taking” involved in trying something new, and there are things you can to make it easier for yourself. 

Footage from the FANFIT 12 Training Program. 

Footage from the FANFIT 12 Training Program. 

Set Yourself Up For Success:

Find A Training Partner

It’s easier to do things with someone else for most people. Find someone (a spouse, friend, relative etc.) and team up to make the change together. 

Be Accountable

Introduce mechanisms to keep yourself honest once you start. Keep a journal, commit to really “own” the routine, and ask yourself “did I do my best today”?

Find a Coach

If you need a positive outside voice, consider joining a team, hiring a coach, or working with someone who will have the right impact on your journey. 

Block Out The Time

Be realistic with your time, and ensure you afford enough “blocked out” calendar time to be able to complete your new routine. 

I recall making a decision to decide to return to full-time training in canoeing after a long hiatus. I thought I was in shape… I would soon learn the contrary was the case. 

Over the first 3 weeks during a winter training camp, I felt as though I was moving through cement. I was tired and sore, but gradually over time, I found I was improving each and every day. 


Develop Confidence:

The biggest change I noticed was that at 3 weeks in, I felt more confident. I carried this newfound confidence into my routine going forward and was able to begin training at a higher level, and I was also seeing the results I was hoping for. 

FANFIT 12 Week Training Program! 

My transformation in 2006. 

My transformation in 2006. 

I know for certain if I had not had the right coach, training partners, and honest commitment to the first 3 weeks, and the following 9, I would not have found the same level of success. So if you’re looking to make some new year’s resolutions, and really mean it, do yourself a favour and do the little things that will pay off big in the long run.

Yours in a positive 2018,