A Day in the Life of an Elite Paddler

A Day in the Life of an Elite Paddler

In follow-up to our sit down with Mark Oldershaw, we were able to get a snapshot into a day in his life, from sun up to sun down. Here it is:

5:30 am:

Wake up with my daughter.

5:45 am:

Make food for my daughter and then eat… Made With Local oatmeal or a bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon.

7:00 am:

First Training Session - warm-up: onland exercises, 2 km of easy paddling with drills to get ready, then 6 by 10 minute pieces on the water. This is for basic fitness and paddling technique.

9:15 am:

Snack post workout - Eggs, potatoes, and toast.

10:15 am:

Work at RBC with the Olympians Program.

12:00 pm:

Eat lunch. Try and pack leftovers from the night before, leftover spaghetti with added veggies, or rice and meat are common choices.

2:00 pm:

Finish work.


Snack- fruit + yogurt.

4:00 pm:

Train again at canoe club. More intense, with similar warm-up - 6 times 2 minutes pieces, 6 times 1 minute, 6 times 30 seconds. Goal of this workout is to do an all-out effort. Cranking up the intensity helps to break up longer workout routines.

6:30 pm:


10:00 pm:

Sleep + read