Fundraising Tips with the Canadian Olympic Foundation

Fundraising Tips with the Canadian Olympic Foundation

In preparation for this year's RBC FANFIT Challenges, the team at the Canadian Olympic Foundation put together a list of tips to help you exceed your fundraising goals. Here they are!


Getting started:

  1. Set up your personal fundraising page…
  2. Set a goal…
  3. Take the first step…
  4. Don’t be nervous! …


Personalize your fundraising page:

Customize your fundraising page to reflect why you are doing the FANFIT Challenge and commit yourself to a fundraising goal! Upload a photo and description to let people know why you are getting involved. Do you believe in the power of sport? Have you experienced the financial challenges athletes face daily? Tell your support network WHY it is important to you to participate in the FANFIT Challenge to support Canadian athletes!


Your fundraising hub is your chance to show your friends and family that YOU care about the cause. The extra effort involved in personalizing your fundraising page will go a long way when asking others to support you and ultimately, support Canadian athletes!


Set a goal:

Push yourself and your to-be supporters and set a personal fundraising goal. Whether it is your first time fundraising or you are a seasoned fundraiser, it is important to commit to a goal. You know that 5-minute plank challenge you have been working towards? Add a non-fitness related goal to your list and push your fundraising limits!


Take the first step:

Make a donation to your own fundraising effort - $10, $20, $50… whatever you can manage. Supporters are more likely to give if they aren’t the first, so break the ice and donate to your own goal. It shows you care about the cause and it will encourage those you ask to take action and donate!


Don’t be nervous:

To make your first ask! We are here to guide you… by using your personal “message centre”, personalize the email template to reflect why you are choosing to compete in the FANFIT Challenge and reach out to your network. For ideas to successfully raise $500 or more in 1 week, click here for tips and tricks!


The Impact:

Your fundraising makes a difference in the lives of Canada’s next generation of athletes. All funds raised through the FANFIT Challenge will be invested through the local Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute in your city to support the next generation of athletes with daily training, year-round coaching, proper nutrition, breakthroughs in technology and sport science, international competition, sport science support, coaching and nutrition – all essential components in propelling our athletes to the top of the podium! Thank you for your generous support!


How To Raise $500 + In One Week

Day 1: Sponsor yourself $10

Day 2: Use your personal fundraising hub to email 10 out of town friends or relatives and ask them each for a $10 donation

Day 3: Ask 5 family members to donate $20

Day 4: Ask 5 friends to give $20

Day 5: Ask 5 co-workers or neighbours to donate $10 each

Day 6: Ask your boss/employer for a $50 donation, or even better ask them to match your total funds raised!

Day 7: Ask 2 acquaintances from the gym, sports complex, community center to donate $20

Day 8: Send out thank you emails to all friends and family who donated!

Total: $500

Download the .pdf version here.