The Who’s Who of RBC FANFIT Challenge 2017

The Who’s Who of RBC FANFIT Challenge 2017

The line-up is out, the verdict is in. RBC FANFIT Challenge is stacked this year with some of Canada's top athletes from coast to coast! Below is the who's who for 2017:

Hamilton Athletes

Adam Van Koeverden is a sprint kayaker, 4 x Olympic medalist, 2 x World Champion, 22 x World Cup Champion and 67 x Canadian Champion.

Nicole Forrester is a high jumper who has represented Canada in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing and is an 8-Time Canadian Champion, is in the Michigan Women’s Track and Field Hall of Fame, is a Commonwealth Games Gold & Bronze Medalist and is a Pan American Games Silver & Bronze Medalist.

Mark Oldershaw is a sprint canoer, Olympic Bronze Medalist, 2 x Olympian, 73 x National Champion and 7 x World Cup Gold Medalist.

Jamie Broder is a beach volleybal athlete, an Olympian at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, FIVB World Tour (Top 5), 2015 – 5th (Olsztyn Grand Slam), 4th (Porec Major Series), BRONZE (Lucerne Open), GOLD (Fuzhou Open); 2014 – 5th (Parana Open).

Sarah Wells is a 400m hurdler who represented Canada at the Olympic Games in 2012, at the Pan American Games: 2015 – SILVER (400m hurdles), BRONZE (4x400m relay), at the IAAF World Championships: 2013 – 12th (4x400m relay), the IAAF World Championships (junior): 2008 – 5th in SF (400m hurdles); 2006 – 6th in H (400m hurdles), and at the IAAF World Championships (junior): 2008 – 5th in SF (400m hurdles); 2006 – 6th in H (400m hurdles).

Martha McCabe is a competitive swimmer and has represented Canada at the 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympics, FINA World Championships: 2015 – 21st (200m breaststroke); 2013 – 8th (200m breaststroke), 7th (4x100m medley relay); 2011 – BRONZE (200m breaststroke); 2009 – 7th (200m breaststroke).

Patrick Chan is a figure skater and is a 3 x World Champion, 2 x Olympic Silver Medalist, 3 x Four Continents Champion and 2 x Grand Prix Champion.

Eric Woelfl is a rower and has competed at the Olympic Games: 2016 - 13th (LM4-), Pan American Games: 2015 – GOLD (LM4-); 2011 – 5th (LM4-), FISA World Championships: 2015 – 11th (LM4-); 2014 – 13th (LM4-), 2013 – 4th (LM2-), 2012 – 8th (LM2-), FISA U23 World Championships: 2011 – 10th (LM4-); 2010 – 12th (LM2-).

Martin Reader is a beach volleyball athlete who represented Canada at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Katrina Cameron is a group rythmic gymnast who has represented Canada at the Olympic Games: 2012 - 11th (all-around), FIG World Championships: 2014 – 21st (all-around), 21st (5 clubs), 23rd (3 balls + 2 ribbons); 2011 – 17th (all-around), Pan American Games: 2015 - 5th (all-around), BRONZE (5 ribbons), BRONZE (3 clubs + 2 hoops); 2011 – SILVER (all-around), SILVER (3 ribbons + 2 hoops), BRONZE (5 balls), Pan American Championships: 5th (all-around), SILVER (3 balls + 2 ribbons), BRONZE (5 clubs), Youth Olympic Games: 2010 – BRONZE (all-around)

Evan Bezemer is a sprint canoeist who has represented Canada at the U23 World Championships.

Halifax Athletes

Mark de Jonge is a sprint kayaker, 2 x World Champion and Olympic bronze medalist at the 2012 Summer Olympics in Londin, in the K-1 200m.

Gabriel Beauchesne Sévigny is a sprint canoer and has represented Canada at the Olympic Games: 2008 – 5th (C-2 500m), 6th (C-2 1000m), Pan American Games: 2011 – 5th (C-2 1000m), ICF WCh: 2014 – 4th (C-2 1000m); 2013 – 4th (C-2 1000m); 2011 – 10th (C-2 1000m); 2010 – 12th (C-2 200m), 7th (C-2 1000m); 2009 – 8th (C-2 1000m), 7th(C-2 500m); 2007 – 11th (C-2 500m); 2006 – 5th (C-2 200m).

Luke Demetre is a bobsledder who represented Canada at the 2014 Winter Olympic in Sochi, in four-man bobsleigh.

Hannah Vaughn is a sprint kayaker and has represented Canada at the ICF World Championships in 2014 – 10th (K-4 500m); 2013 – 6th (K-4 500m), and at the Pan American Championships: 2009 – SILVER (K-4 500m), GOLD (K-2 200m), GOLD (K-2 1000m), SILVER (K-4 200m).

Samantha Stewart is a freestyle wrestler who has acheived the following results: Golden Grand Prix Final 5th, New York Athletic Club Holiday Invitational 3rd, FISU World University Championships 2nd, FISU World University Team Trials 1st, Sassari City Matteo Pellicone Memorial 1st, Senior National Championships 1st overall.

Sam Effah is a sprinter Canada Games Gold Medalist, NACAU U-23 Gold Medalist and is the fourth fastest Canadian ever after running 10.06 in the 100m in July 2010.

Vancouver Athletes

Simon Whitefield is a four-time Olympic triathlete, earning Gold in the Sydney Olympics, Silver in the Beijing Olympics, and was Flag Bearer at the London Olympics in 2012.

Georgia Simmerling is an alpine, skicross skier, and track cyclist who has represented Canada ath the Olympic Games: 2016 (track cycling) - BRONZE (team pursuit); 2014 (freestyle skiing) – 14th(ski cross); 2010 (alpine skiing) – 27th (super-G), UCI World Championships: 2016 – SILVER (team pursuit), FIS World Championships: 2015 – 26th (ski cross); 2013 – 13th (ski cross).

Will Dean is a rower who has represented Canada at the Olympic Games: 2016 - 8th (M4x); 2012 – 9th (M4-), Pan American Games: 2015 – GOLD (M4x), GOLD (M8+), FISA World Championships: 2015 – 11th (M4x); 2014 – 7th (M4x); 2013 – 14th (M4-); 2011 – 7th (M4-), FISA World Championships (U23): 2009 – 5th (M8+); 2008 – SILVER (M8+).

Ryan Cochrane is a competitive swimmer who has represented Canada at the Olympic Games: 2016 - 11th (400m freestyle), 6th (1500m freestyle); 2012 – SILVER (1500m freestyle), 9th (400m freestyle); 2008 – BRONZE (1500m freestyle), 9th (400m freestyle), FINA World Championships: 2015 - BRONZE (1500m freestyle), BRONZE (400m freestyle), 10th (800m freestyle); 2013 – SILVER (1500m freestyle), BRONZE (800m freestyle), 4th (400m freestyle); 2011 – SILVER (1500m freestyle), SILVER (800m freestyle), 5th (400m freestyle); 2009 – SILVER (1500m freestyle), BRONZE (800m freestyle), 7th (400m freestyle); 2007 – 15th (1500m freestyle), 8th (800m freestyle), 19th (400m freestyle).

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