Endurance Meets Burpees

How's Your Burpee Game?

- Andrew Russell

Are you familiar with the "deal-making phase" of exercise? This is when you find yourself making mental deals early on to "change the workout" or "lessen the volume" after starting out with the absolute best of intentions. I bring this up just so you are aware it is definitely a thing, and something to be conscious of if you are going to attempt this fitness test. 

The Burpee Shuttle Run. It's time to dial up the perfect pairing blast of endurance, power, and coordinated movement. This test involves a combination of burpees and back and forth running on a set amount of time (usually 5 or 10 minutes) over a set course (usually 20 metres). This is a challenging fitness test that will dial up the heart-rate, and it might make you question yourself in the early going. 


Here are the key details:

  1. Routine Format: Straight timer with a steady challenging effort.  
  2. Exercise(s): Burpees and Running. 
  3. Duration: 5 minutes.
  4. Focus: This is a fitness test, and the focus is to work hard, pace yourself, and embrace the challenge.
  5. Muscle Target(s): Chest, Triceps, Abdominals, Legs. 
  6. Tips(s): Ensure you complete a good dynamic workout before attempting this test. You should feel warm and ready to go. A workout partner(s) is/are great to shift the focus from fatigue to teamwork early in the test. Upbeat music and a well marked course will help pique focus. Last, check those shoes before you start to ensure they are tied and won't come loose during.
  7. Level: Difficult. This can be done at your own pace, but generally this test requires at least a moderate level of fitness to warrant attempting. If you are unsure consult a professional. 
A 5 minute countdown just for you to visualize the test.    

A 5 minute countdown just for you to visualize the test.


The great thing about this test is that it is a solid barometer for your overall fitness level, aerobic and muscular endurance. Keep track of the number of burpees you complete, and re-visit this test to see if you can improve. Your cross-training in other strength and endurance building areas should translate to improved performance. A final word of caution, you should never sacrifice appropriate technique for a better score; ensure your are working safely and observing proper form. 

Can you defeat the deal making phase? Challenge a friend or teammate to do the same.

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