Dance Choreography Unleashes Rhythm

How's Your Timing?

— By Andrew Russell

The answer for most is likely anywhere from "not good" to "bad." The saying "timing is everything" can be taken literally in many sports. If you don't possess an intuitive sense of timing in diving, baseball, swimming, basketball, hockey, athletics... and the list goes on, you may find yourself out of sync both personally with the game as well as with your teammates. Have you ever thought of dance as a fun way to enhance your game?

During a recent visit to Toronto, we had the pleasure of working with a number of top trainers from the region. One of the trainers we interviewed was Shakera Martin, a dance cardio instructor and choreography expert. She beamed with personality and energy. When asked if she had a challenge for the FANFIT audience, she quickly volunteered a fun dance challenge to get our team moving. Here's what transpired, give it a try and see if your timing is on point. 

Shakera makes it look very easy, but with a few tries you'll be starting to mirror her progression, and you'll be doing it with the timing of a fun-loving champion!

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