VIDEO: Beach Volleyball Weight Training


VIDEO: Training with elite beach volleyball athletes at Canadian Sport Institute Ontario.

— By Andrew Russell

Elite Canadian beach volleyball athletes work hard during the season to maintain their explosive power and strength to be the best they can be on the sand.

We caught up with CSIO (Canadian Sport Institute Ontario) strength and conditioning lead Ryan MacDonald who shared some insights on the type of work beach volleyball athletes are doing in the gym.


Focused on getting the blood moving, body warm and limber, and introduction of movements to prime the nervous system for the core exercises in the workout.

Included exercises in the warmup are training bike, lunges, squats, jumps, and shoulder mobility work.

Key Exercises:

During the “meat” of the workout, athletes perform power exercises such as back squats, kettlebell swings and jump squats with weight. The main focus is shoulder strength and lower body power.


One of the key exercises MacDonald touches on is the force plate supported vertical jump test. This is a very dialed-in approach to measuring an athlete’s explosive power and jumping ability. Obviously, in a sport that requires consistent ability to get up and out of the sand, it’s critical athletes are able to quickly generate a lot of force from a standing position.

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