Go Ahead, Watch Netflix!

Go Ahead, Watch Netflix

— by Andrew Russell

We want you to stretch. Best way to ensure you have an hour to methodically work through some longer holds and poses—  a suspenseful series and comfortable clothing. 

In a recent conversation with a Halifax based RMT and "holistic therapist", we discussed appropriate timing for stretches. For static stretching, she offered a time range of nothing shorter than 30 seconds up to 2 minutes. "This would offer the body the best opportunity to release and recover".

Remember, many sources provide competing thinking about the benefits of stretching, and the truth is the "Goldilocks" principle of "just right" and balance specific to your body is the best case scenario. If you are looking to perform longer stretches, ensure that you have plenty of time before your next key performance window (whether a long run, sprint, sporting event etc.). In this article in Outside Online, the recommended gap between a "deep stretch" and high-level performance is essential, because when stretching is done in close proximity to a performance a decline of between 5.0% and 7.5% had been observed.

Now that we've both established the need and when to stretch, and the need to Netflix (yes we're using it as a verb), it's time to arm you with a routine to have your body feeling strong, loose, and resilient. 

Hip Flexor Stretch (sourced via Instagram @drivenfitnesserica)

Torso, Ribs, and More! (sourced via Instagram @drivenfitnesserica)

Quads, Hip Flexors, Hamstrings (sourced via Instagram @jenrocksuk) 

There you have it, a few moves to consider, and an idea on spacing your stretching and performances.