Defining 2018 With Two Words.


by Andrew Russell

Wow, 2018 has arrived.

I decided recently that I would try and come back to a couple of keywords to define and drive a great year. Those two words came naturally, and are completely in line with where I hope things will proceed.


It’s all about growth in 2018.

Finding ways to learn, develop, discuss, team up and collaborate, innovate, iterate, take risks, embrace new ideas, exercise diligently, meditate, and so much more.

Andrew and the Olympians at a live FANFIT event. 

Andrew and the Olympians at a live FANFIT event. 


How often does our metaphorical gaze stray from the key drivers of life?

Focus on what’s important and invest the most energy there. Easier said than done, but with renewed determination it is possible.

Read these two focal points and it may read like a status quo cliche new year’s resolution list. Where’s the substance? The answer is that it lies in the action and the consistent follow-through. Find ways to chart the little wins each week, and hold yourself accountable. I don't expect your words will match mine. For example, a close friend of mine I admire chose "Focus and Kindness". Whatever, you might choose, hopefully, the intention and sentiment will be a positive catalyst for big things in 2018. 


Marshall Goldsmith writes about similar positive chance and behavioral topics that generate the “I already knew that” sentiment. In fact, in his book “Triggers” he explicitly states the simplicity of his approach often draws that feeling. However, the proof of success lies in the tactics he employs with key clients to ensure the action and consistent follow-through. The reason I identify his work, is it may be useful as you work on your own resolutions and key words. 

One of Goldsmith’s tools for maintaining and building success starts with generating a short list of explicit and tangible items for a self-scored daily report card. Ideally, this list should not include too many items, (say 10 at most- though Goldsmith himself breaks that rule). Each list item is weighted in accordance with importance. For example, “flossing your teeth” won’t be worth as much as “did I do something nice for my family members”.

A key underlying idea when scoring each of your questions is “did I do my best” at the end of the day. Whether it is to have dinner with my family, limit my screen time, get 30 minutes of positive exercise etc. Whatever your key areas for growth and change, it’s all about holding yourself to the subtle and higher level of accountability of “your best”.

Here is Goldsmith’s personal list if you want some ideas to consider. His list is quite a bit bigger than what he recommends you start with, but you’ll get the idea.

Doing your best isn’t easy, but it is worthwhile.

What are your two words?

Yours in growth and happiness in 2018,


p.s. If fitness is a goal for you in 2018 consider our FANFIT 12 Training Program.