Five Game Changers in 2018

Change It Up in 2018

by Andrew Russell

Hey Team,

This is a post with a few ideas to ponder as you begin charting out your 2018 wellness plan. Wait a second… no plan? Well, here are some things you should think about that could help you find success going forward. Some of these ideas are simply common sense "no-brainers" that will be at best reminders, others may be things you hadn’t considered in the past.

Remember there is no one size fits all formula so:

  1. Pick and choose what works for you.

  2. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

  3. Realize that fitness level is a spectrum, and there is always going to be someone less fit and more fit than you. So worry about yourself, and don’t get caught up in comparison.


Olympic superstar Georgia Simmerling planks it up at a FANFIT live event. She'll continue to build on her success heading into 2018. 

Olympic superstar Georgia Simmerling planks it up at a FANFIT live event. She'll continue to build on her success heading into 2018. 

Ideas For 2018

  1. Back to basics working with your body weight. Think about foundational movements like squats, push-ups, and lunges that will both amplify your level but also equip you with the essential everyday mobility and strength you need to feel great through the day.

  2. Switch up the cross-training and try something new. Try to fit in swimming, running, rowing machine workouts, indoor cycling. It will challenge you in a different way, develop new sources of muscle memory and challenge your nervous system and body control in a different way. Make sure you consider exercise choices carefully and ensure the principle of gradual improvements to avoid injury risks.

  3. Bring on the “brain fitness”. It’s time to train both your body and mind. We all know the omnipresent expression “the mind is so powerful”, now it’s time to respect the truth behind the statement. According to UCLA trained mindfulness instructor Beth Wallace, 5-10 minutes a day has had a profound effect on the lives of the executives and leaders she works with. What are the benefits? Enhanced focus, with training a lessened stress response to uncomfortable situations, and a general improvement of mood and overall well-being. Who knew, 10 minutes of nothing a day could be a perfect way to give the rest of your day the boost it needs.

  4. Challenge yourself. Yes, this is about as simple as the recommendations can get, but it’s easy to get complacent and now is the time to set a goal and start working towards something meaningful. Circle a run on the calendar, or plan to be fit for your next vacation. Whatever your reason, don’t be afraid to push your comfort zone a little and give yourself a worthwhile challenge.

  5. Embrace your gut health.  Did you know that 70% of the cells that make up your immune system reside in the wall of your gut? Your gut health is linked to so many happiness inducing factors it’s probably worth enhancing the gut diversity elements of your diet. Harvard studies identify a reduction in things like arthritis, cancer, heart disease, and more as being associated with gut health. We wrote about this extensively in our Nutrition Blog not too long ago. 



Okay, now that you have a few 2018 health primers, go forth and dominate the start of your new year!

Yours in healthy and sporty choices in 2018,