Ultimate 20 Minute HIIT Kettlebell Workout


Work through 8 sets of 90 seconds on 30 seconds off, using a kettlebell. This is a full body challenging session with lots of upper body strength and leg power incorporated into each exercise. Try this out! Sets are broken up into... 'Exercise A: 30 seconds Exercise B: 30 seconds Exercise C: 30 seconds Rest 30 seconds

Set 1: Double Hand KB Swing | Squat and Press Right | Squat and Press Left | Rest

Set 2: Double Hand KB Swing | Plank One Arm Row | Goblet Squat | Rest

Set 3: Double Hand KB Swing | Halos | Overhead Row | Rest

Set 4: Single Arm KB Swing | Single Arm KB Swing | Lunges (repeat the 4 sets again after completing the full rotation)

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