Will I really get to go head to head with an Olympian?

    You will be side side with some great athletes, both coaching and challenging you on every station. While we cannot guarantee each and every exercise will have you going toe to toe with an Olympian, you will be amongst some amazing athletes, and it will be a tremendous experience.

    Yes. You'll meet elite athletes (past, present, and future stars) at our signature private events. They'll be fun, upbeat, and enjoy challenging you, and sharing their incredible stories. 


    At FANFIT do competitors do all stations?

      Yes, each competitor at FANFIT takes part on every station.

      When are the start times for each event?

        FANFIT runs events in a series of ‘waves’. Typically the first wave starts around 8:30am, with the second wave starting around 12:00pm.

        You will spend approximately 20 minutes at each of the stations listed at your event.

        How much time will be spent at each station?

        At FANFIT we usually run our events regardless of weather; it helps that they takes place indoors! In the case of extreme weather such as a tornado or severe storm, FANFIT will make efforts to re-schedule. However, if a FANFIT event must canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, there are unfortunately not refunds available.

        What happens if there is bad weather on the day of FANFIT?

          You are required to arrive no later than 30 minutes before your first exercise. You’ll check in with the registration table, receive your participant bib number, and warm-up for the first station. You’ll receive an Olympic pep talk, and then work your way through the 5 different FANFIT stations. Participants (19+) are invited to join later in the evening at the designated celebration site.

          Okay, I have chosen my starting time, what does the day of FANFIT look like for me?

            ANFIT has 4 separate age categories for participants (all ages as of January 1st, 2016):

            1) 18 and under

            2) 19 to 35

            3) 36 to 49

            4) 50 and over

            What are the age categories at FANFIT?

              You receive a score based on your performance on each of the stations. Your combined results on all stations reflect your overall score.

              How does FANFIT scoring work?

                If for some reason you decide to cheat at FANFIT and are caught, you will be disqualified from the competition and asked to leave. There is a zero tolerance approach to cheating, and you will not receive a refund for your registration.

                  What happens if I am caught cheating at FANFIT?

                  Every person is scored individually at the RBC FANFIT Challenge and partakes in each of the stations at your event. Teams allow for individual participants to fundraise together as a team, and for all individuals on the team to do each of the stations together at roughly the same times.

                  How do teams at FANFIT work?

                    Getting started:

                    1. Set up your personal fundraising page

                    2. Set a goal

                    3. Take the first step

                    4. Don’t be nervous!

                    Personalize your fundraising page:

                    Customize your fundraising page to reflect why you are doing the RBC FANFIT Challenge and commit yourself to a fundraising goal! Upload a photo and description to let people know why you are getting involved. Do you believe in the power of sport? Have you experienced the financial challenges athletes face daily? Tell your support network WHY it is important to you to participate in the RBC FANFIT Challenge to support Canadian athletes! Your fundraising hub is your chance to show your friends and family that YOU care about the cause. The extra effort involved in personalizing your fundraising page will go a long way when asking others to support you and ultimately, support Canadian athletes!

                    Set a goal:

                    Push yourself and your to-be supporters and set a personal fundraising goal. Whether it is your first time fundraising or you are a seasoned fundraiser, it is important to commit to a goal. You know that 5-minute plank challenge you have been working towards? Add a non-fitness related goal to your list and push your fundraising limits!

                    Take the first step:

                    Make a donation to your own fundraising effort - $10, $20, $50… whatever you can manage. Supporters are more likely to give if they aren’t the first, so break the ice and donate to your own

                    goal. It shows you care about the cause and it will encourage those you ask to take action and donate!

                    Don’t be nervous…

                    To make your first ask! We are here to guide you… by using your personal “message centre”, personalize the email template to reflect why you are choosing to compete in the FANFIT Challenge and reach out to your network.

                    The Impact:

                    Your fundraising makes a difference in the lives of Canada’s next generation of athletes. All funds raised through the RBC FANFIT Challenge will be invested through the local Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute in your city to support the next generation of athletes with daily training, year-round coaching, proper nutrition, breakthroughs in technology and sport science, international competition, sport science support, coaching and nutrition – all essential components in propelling our next generation athletes to the top of the podium! Thank you for your generous support!

                    What are some common fundraising tips I should be aware of?

                      The RBC FANFIT Challenge works in support of the Canadian Olympic Foundation. Registration has been generously covered by RBC, and donations are generously accepted in support of the Canadian Olympic Foundation. These funds raised will be used to support the next generation of Olympians in each region FANFIT operates.

                      How does the fundraising work?

                        You should be prepared to test your overall fitness; endurance, strength, core stability, muscle endurance, and explosive will all be factors on the day of FANFIT. A mix of training that includes time spent running and planking will all be very helpful. Also, practice jumping and lateral speed and strength to prepare for the two power oriented exercises. Before undertaking any sort of exercise regime, ensure with a doctor that you are healthy enough to exercise.

                        What sort of training should I do to prepare for FANFIT?

                          Striving to be the best? Here are the top results ever recorded at FANFIT events or training sessions in each of the past 5 stations:

                          20 Metre Run Test: Level 15

                          Agility Test (5-10-5): 4.18 seconds

                          Vertical Jump: 36 inches

                          Plank: 5 minutes

                          30m Dash: TBD

                          Metronome Pushup: 50

                          What are the FANFIT records?