RBC FANFIT Challenge is a community fitness event open to everyone! Using fitness tests common across Olympic sports, we measure whole-body fitness: speed, agility, power and endurance. Join us and test your personal best with encouragement from some of Canada's top athletes.



At the RBC FANFIT Challenge in Halifax, Nova Scotia you'll test your overall fitness across the following challenges:


30 or 20 Metre Dash: A test of acceleration and maximum running speed. Sprint as quickly as you can for 30 metres until crossing the laser gate finish-line. The ultimate test of straight line power and explosive change of direction.

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Agility Shuttle: An explosive change of direction test. The 10 metre agility shuttle tests speed, body control and the ability to quickly change direction. Participants run one direction for 5 metres, the opposite direction for 10 metres and finish by running back through the laser gate start line to cover a total distance of 20 metres.

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Vertical Jump: A test to assess muscular leg strength and anaerobic power. You'll perform two independent jumps on a mat to measure your maximum vertical jump height. Your best score of the two attempts counts as top your score.

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5 Minute Plank: Core strength and endurance are tested on the plank challenge. Holding a plank for a total of 5 minutes, you'll start with feet wider than shoulder width apart. After each passing minute you'll narrow your stance until your feet are together. During the last minute you'll alternate raising one foot in the air, switching every10 seconds.

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Metronome Pushup Test: A true test of muscular endurance, you'll perform pushups to a 60 beats per minute metronome (1 second down, 1 second up). You'll perform up to 50 reps for a total duration of 1 minute, 40 seconds. You'll receive 2 points per repetition for performing the challenge on your toes, or 1 point per repetition if you perform the challenge on your knees.

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20 Metre Beep Test: A classic test of stamina and aerobic endurance, you'll cover a distance of 20 metres per stage to the cadence of beep test standards. As the frequency of the beeps increases, try to keep up.

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At the RBC FANFIT Challenge in Halifax, Nova Scotia you'll have the opportunity to test yourself alongside the following athletes across all fitness challenges:


"The RBC FANFIT Challenge was an amazing experience for myself and my team, Huskies Move for Inclusion. It's was my first FANFIT event and something I plan on doing next year! It's great to see members of the community coming out to participate and cheer on one another." 
- Hannah Stienburg